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New Arrivals December 2009 - January 2010

New materials in the library.

TITLE                                                                           AUTHOR


Agincourt                                                               Cromwell, Bernard

The Wrecker                                                          Cussler, Clive

I, Alex Cross (book and CD)                                   Patterson, James

The Tin Roof Blowdown                                          Burke, James, Lee

Under the Dome                                                     King, Stephen

Trial By Fire                                                             Jance, J.A.

U is for Undertow (book and CD)                            Grafton, Sue

A Good Yarn                                                            Macomber, Debbie

The Shop on Blossom Street                                   Macomber, Debbie

Days of Gold                                                            Deveraux, Jude

The Heavenstone Secrets                                       Andrews, V.C.

What If All Your Dreams Came True?                      Ruckdeschel, Liz

The Disciple                                                            Coonts, Stephen

Noah's Compass                                                     Tyler, Anne

Catalyst                                                                   McCaffrey, Anne

Fired Up                                                                   Krentz, Jayne Ann

The Honor of Spies                                                  Griffin, W.E.B.

Deeper than the Dead                                             Hoag, Tami

Sizzle                                                                        Garwood, Julie

Texas Trackdown                                                     Sharpe, Jon

Fatal Justice                                                             Compton, Ralph

Key of Light                                                              Roberts, Nora

Key of Knowledge                                                    Roberts, Nora

Breathless                                                                Koontz, Dean

Hollywood Moon                                                       Wambaugh, Joseph

Longarm and the Arizona Assassin                          Evans, Tabor

Slocum and the Four Peaks Range War                   Logan, Jake

The Gunsmith: Bad Business #336                          Roberts, J.R.

Nightshift                                                                 King, Stephen


2010 Guide to

        Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs             Griffith, H. Winter

400 Knitting Stitches                                               Craft, Potter

Chic & Simple Sewing                                              Haynes, Christine

Investor's Manifesto                                                Bernstein, William J.

Warren Buffett's Management Secrets                    Buffett, Mary

Shabby Chic Interiors                                              Neunsinger, Amy

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. I              Child, Julia

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. II             Child, Julia

Basic Book of Digital Photography                           Grimm, Tom

Legal Guide for Starting & Running

         a Small Business                                            Steingold, Fred S.

Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame          Eberle, Scott G.

I'm No Monster                                                       Marsh, Stefanie

Going Rogue                                                           Palin, Sarah

Butcher: Anatomy of a Mafia Psychopath               Carlo, Philip

Child Sexual Abuse                                                 Lewis, Angela

Get Wise! Mastering Writing Skills                          Thomson

Get Wise! Mastering Grammar SKills                       Thomson

Illinois in World War II                                            Nunes, Bill

Internet #1

Here's the Deal:  Don't Touch Me                           Mandel, Howie


The Mitten                                                               Alyesworth, Jim

Pigeon Wants a Puppy                                            Willems, Mo

The Akhenaten Adventure                                       Kerr, Philip

Betrayed: A House of Night Novel                           Cast, P.C.

Chosen: A House of Night Novel                             Cast, P.C.

City of Rats                                                              Rodda, Emily

The Cobra King of Kathmandu                                 Kerr, Philip

Curse of the Lost Grove                                          Graham, Denise R.

The Blue Djinn of Babylon                                        Kerr, Philip

Dagger of Doom                                                       Roberts, Kerry Daniel

Dogsong                                                                  Paulsen, Gary

Dread Mountain                                                       Rodda, Emily

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                                            Stevenson, Robert Louis

Eye of Fortune                                                         Graham, Denise R.

Figure in the Frost                                                   Perez, Lana

The Forsest of Silence                                              Rodda, Emily

Hatchet                                                                    Paulsen, Gary

The Hidden Dragon                                                  Trumbauer, Lisa

Key to the Griffon's Lair                                            Ranson, Candice F.

Kidnapped                                                                Stevenson, Robert Louis

The Lake of Tears                                                     Rodda, Emily

The Maze of the Beast                                              Rodda, Emily

Return to Del                                                            Rodda, Emily

The Valley of the Lost                                               Rodda, Emily

Mark of the Yuan-Ti                                                   Roberts, Kerry Daniel

Marked: A House of Night Novel                               Cast, P.C.

Macbeth                                                                    Shakespeare, William

Oliver Twist                                                               McCaughrean, Geraldine

Riddle in Stone                                                         Soesbee, Ree

The Shifting Sands                                                   Rodda, Emily

The Silver Spell                                                         Banerjee, Anjali

Silas Marner                                                             Isherwood, Shirley

The Tempest                                                            Shakespeare, William

Untamed: A House of Night Novel                            Cast, P.C.

Vampire Castle                                                         Rodney, Anne

Woodsong                                                                Paulsen, Gary

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs                             Scieszka, John


Wrestling                                                                  Mattern, Joanne

The Yoga Handbook                                                  Finney, Sumukhi

Water Resource Management                                  Sawvel, Patty Jo


Tobacco and Smoking

Top Technology                                                      Gilbert, Adrian

The Tuskegee Airmen                                             DeCapua, Sara

Skateboarding Science                                           Becker, Helaine

Spy School                                                              Gilbert, Adrian

Stonemason                                                            Hull, Robert


Teens at Risk

Self-defense for Women                                         Soo-Warr, Lavinia


Secret Agents                                                         Gilbert, Adrian

Patriot Act                                                              

Peasant                                                                  Hull, Robert

The Pilates Handbook                                             Brignell, Roger

Racial Profiling

Reading Maps                                                         Sandvold, Rolf

Nun                                                                         Hull, Robert

Merchant                                                                 Hull, Robert

Miley Cyrus                                                              Franks, Katie

The Most Victorious Cars of NASCAR                       Spaulding, Jeffrey

Motocross                                                                Johnson, Ben

Mysteries of Alien Visitors & Abductions                  Walker, Kathryn

NASCAR Blast                                                         Clayton, David

Knight                                                                     Butterfield, Moira

The Lady of the Manor                                            Butterfield, Moira

Illinois                                                                     Shofner, Shawndra

Tell Me What to Eat if I Have

         Irritable Bowel Syndrome                               Magee, Elaine

Judaisum                                                                 Berne, Emma Carlson

Head Lice                                                                Royson, Angela

Tell Me What to Eat if I have Headaches                Magee, Elaine

 Free Trade

Genetic Engineering

Great Resume, Application & Interview Skills            Byers, Ann

The Environment

Forensic Evidence: Prints                                          Townsend, John

Forensic Evidence: Hairs and Fibers                         Stiller, Darlene

Destination Jupiter                                                   Sparrow, Giles

Destination Mars                                                      Sparrow, Giles

Destination Mercury                                                 Sparrow, Giles

Destination Saturn                                                   Sparrow, Giles

Destination The Moon                                              Sparrow, Giles

Destination Uranus, Neptune and Pluto                   Sparrow, Giles

Destination Venus                                                    Sparrow, Giles

Domestic Violence

Criminal Justice

Cyber Crime

Bigfoot and other Mysterious Creatures                 Townsend, John


Church and State                                                    Winters, Robert

Tell Me What to Eat if I have Acid Reflux                 Magee, Elaine

Alzheimer's Disease

Allergies                                                                  Royston, Angela

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder                   Peirce, Jeremy

Be a Better Babysitter                                            Buckley, Annie