Hillsboro Public Library

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The following books were added to the library shelves in August.


TITLE                                                                                             AUTHOR

Deliver Us From Evil                                                                Baldacci, David

True Blue (CD)                                                                        Baldacci, David

The Healing Place (LP)                                                            Bale, Leigh

The Lost Symbol (CD)                                                             Brown, Dan

Tough Customer (book & CD)                                                 Brown, Sandra

Lydia's Charm                                                                         Brunstetter, Wanda

Cure                                                                                       Cook, Robin

Scarlet Nights                                                                         Deveraux, Jude

Tempted by Trouble                                                               Dickey, Eric Jerome

Crossfire                                                                                Francis, Dick

Even Money (CD)                                                                   Francis, Dick

The Vigilantes                                                                        Griffin, W.E.B.

Star Island                                                                             Hiaasen, Carl

Queen of the Night                                                                Jance, J.A.

Shadow Zone                                                                        Johansen, Iris

Hangman                                                                               Kellerman, Faye

Take Four (LP)                                                                       Kingsbury, Karen

Sign of the Cross                                                                   Kuzenski, Chris

That Holiday Feeling                                                              Macomber, Debbie

The Tenth Justice                                                                  Meltzer, Brad

Postcard Killers                                                                      Patterson, James

In Harm's Way                                                                       Pearson, Ridley

The Secret Speech (CD)                                                         Smith, Tom Rob

The Reliance (LP)                                                                   Tyndall, M.L.

Leaper (LP)                                                                            Wood, Geoffrey


TITLE                                                                                             AUTHOR

Flyboys                                                                                  Bradley, James

How to Get a Green Card                                                      Bray, Ilona

Getting Financial Aid 2010                                                     College Board

In Lincoln's Footsteps                                                            Davenport, Don

A to Z of Crochet                                                                   Kulinski, Lizzie

Farm to Fork                                                                          Lagasse, Emeril

Okinawa: The Last Battle of WW II                                       Leckie, Robert

My Changing Body: Boy's Edition                                           Picone, Linda

Satanism: At Issue                                                                Roleff, Tamara

Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium                                             Thraves, Stuart

Facebook: The Missing Manual                                              Vander Veer, E.A.


TITLE                                                                                               AUTHOR

Butterfly Ball and Grasshopper's Feast                                 Aldridge, Alan

Let's Dance Little Pookie                                                       Boynton, Sandra

My Mom                                                                                 Browne, Anthony

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?                            Carle, Eric

The Duchess of Whimsey                                                      DeSeve, Randall

Mulan: Don't Stop Now                                                         Disney Studios

Harvest                                                                                 DK Publishing

The Newsy Newsletter                                                          English, Karen

The Shadow Children Series                                                 Haddix, Margaret

    #1 Among the Hidden

    #2 Among the Imposters

    #3 Among the Betrayed

    #4 Among the Barons

    #6 Among the Enemy

    #7 Amon the Free

The Missing Series                                                                Haddix, Margaret

    #2 Sent

    #3 Sabotaged

Charmed and Dangerous                                                      Harrison, Lisi

The Emperor's Code                                                              Korman, Gordon

The Viper's Nest                                                                     Lerangis, Peter

Eli's Lie-O-Meter                                                                     Levins, Sandra

Butterflies                                                                              Neye, Emily

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure                                               Nickelodeon

Dora: Super Babies' Dream Adventure                                  Nickelodeon

The Littles Go on a Hike                                                         Peterson, John

Thomas the Tank Engine: Lost at Sea                                   Stubbs, Tommy


TITLE                                                                                          AUTHOR

FDR's Alphabet Soup                                                              Bolden, Tonya

Sharkpedia                                                                             DK Publishing

Vikings                                                                                   MacDonald, Fiona

Down on the Farm with Goats                                               Morgan, Sally

Face to Face with Caterpillars                                               Murawski, Darlyne

Inside the Alamo                                                                   Murphy, Jim

Cartooning                                                                            Robbins, Deri

Dora and Flowers for Mami Unicorn                                       Nickelodeon

Sleepy Hollow Sleepover                                                       Roy, Ron

In Too Deep                                                                           Watson, Jude