Hillsboro Public Library

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The following books were added to the library shelves in December.


      TITLE                                                                                          AUTHOR

Holiday Homecoming                                                                 Aarsen, Carolyn

Sarah's Choice                                                                          Brunstetter, Wanda

Nights of the Red Moon                                                             Burton, Milton

For the Least of These                                                              Carter, Charlotte

Dead or Alive                                                                             Clancy, Tom

Port Mortuary  (both book & CD)                                               Cornwell, Patricia

Into the Wilderness                                                                   Depree, Traci

Distant Memory                                                                          Depree, Traci

Giving Thanks                                                                            Eckhardt, Kris

Prayers and Promises                                                                Elmer, Robert

A Holiday Yarn                                                                           Goldenbaum, Sally

The Promise of Spring                                                               Gould, Leslie

To Love and Cherish                                                                 Gould, Leslie

Second Chances                                                                       Gould, Leslie

All Things Hidden                                                                      Goyer, Tricia

Cruel Ever After                                                                         Hart, Ellen

Family Matters                                                                           Hunt, Diann

On the Right Path                                                                      Hunt, Diann

Flight of the Sparrows                                                               Jones, Annie

Catacombs                                                                                McCaffrey, Anne

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll                                              Mehl, Nancy

Cat Coming Home                                                                     Murphy, Shirley

Off the Record                                                                           Nelson, Jill

Matter of Trust                                                                          Noble, Diane

The Master's Hand                                                                    Noble, Diane

Love and Evil                                                                             Rice, Anne

A Firm Foundation                                                                     Rodgers, Anne

Rescue                                                                                      Shreve, Anita

Look Again                                                                                Scottoline, Lisa

The Wilderness Capital Chronicles                                            Shanks, John

Killer on a Hot Tin Roof                                                              Washburn, Livia J.

Sisters of the Quilt                                                                    Woodsmall, Cindy


      TITLE                                                                                          AUTHOR

iPod - The Missing Manual                                                          Biersdorfer, J.D.

The Gourmet Cookie Book                                                          Conde Nast

Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook                                               Landolphi, Robert

In the Dark Streets Shineth                                                       McCullogh, David

Facebook for Grown-ups                                                            Miller, Michael

The Rise of Theordore Roosevelt                                                Morris, Edmund

Illinois Trivia Illustrated                                                               Nunes, Bill

America By Heart                                                                        Palin, Sarah


      TITLE                                                                                        AUTHOR

Tales from the Crypt Series

     Ghouls Gone Wild #1

     Can You Fear Me Now?  #2

     Zombielicious! #3

     Crypt Keeping It Real #4

     Yabba Dabba Voodoo #5

     You Toomb  #6

     Something Wicca This Way Comes #7

     Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid #8

Dark Guardian Series (YA)                                                         Hawthorne, Rachel

     Moonlight #1

     Full Moon #2

     Dark of the Moon #3

     Shadow of the Moon #4

Alex Rider Series   (YA)                                                              Horowitz, Anthony

     Stormbreaker #1

     Point Blank #2

     Skeleton Key #3

     Eagle Strike #4

     Scorpia #5

     Ark Angel #6

     Snakehead #7

Twilight Saga  (YA)                                                                    Meyer, Stephenie

     Twilight #1

     New Moon #2

     Eclipse #3

The Percy Jackson Series (YA)                                                   Riordan, Rick

     The Lightning Theif #1

     The Sea of Monsters #2

     The Titan's Curse #3

Vampirates Series  (YA)                                                             Somper, Justin

     Demons of the Ocean #1

     Tide of Terror #2

     Blood Captain #3


       TITLE                                                                                       AUTHOR



America's Prisons

American Literature from 1600 through the 1850's

American Literature from 1850 through 1945

American Literture from 1945 through today

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Anxiety Disorders

Behavioral Disorders    

Biological Warfare                    


Energy Alternatives       

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome                     

Guns and Violence  




Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

Universal Health Care

A Student's Guide to Emily Dickinson                                    Borus, Audrey

A Student's Guide to Jack London                                        Buckwalter, Stephanie

A Student's Guide to Toni Morrison                                      Crayton, Lisa A.

Your First Year of College                                                     DaSilva-Gordon, Maria

Barack Obama                                                                      Devaney, Sherri

A Student's Guide to Herman Melville                                   Diorio, Mary Ann L.

A Student's Guide to Mark Twain                                          Diorio, Mary Ann L.

A Student's Guide to Arthur Miller                                         Dunkleberger, Amy

DNA and RNA                                                                        Hall, Linley Erin

A Student's Guide to Eugene O'Neill                                     Hermann, Spring

A Student's Guide to Tennessee Williams                             Hermann, Spring

Paying for College                                                                 Hollander, Barbara

A Student's Guide to Jane Austen                                         Kirk, Connie Ann

A Student's Guide to Robert Frost                                         Kirk, Connie Ann

Pre-Columbian America                                                          Kupier, Kathleen

Stem Cell Reasearch                                                              Marcovitz, Hal

A Student's Guide to William Faulkner                                   McArthur, Debra

A Student's Guide to William Shakespeare                            Mittelstaedt, Walt

A Student's Guide to John Steinbeck                                     Newman, Gerald

A Student's Guide to the Bronte Sisters                                Pasachoff, Naomi

A Student's Guide to T.S. Eliot                                               Pasachoff, Naomi

A Student's Guide to Ernest Hemingway                               Pingelton, Timothy

Miley Cyrus                                                                            Robson, David

Bill Gates                                                                               Schuman, Michael

Making the Right College Choice                                           Silivanch, Annalise

A Student's Guide to F. Scott Fitzgerald                                Weisbrod, Eva

The Father of Anatomy: Galen                                               Yount, Lisa