Hillsboro Public Library

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The following books were added to the library shelves in March.


TITLE                                                                                        AUTHOR

Deliver Us From Evil (CD)                                                          Baldacci, David

Burn  (CD)                                                                                 Barr, Nevada

The Paris Vendetta (CD)                                                           Barry, Steve

Minding Frankie                                                                         Binchy, Maeve

Heaven's Prisoners                                                                   Burke, James Lee

The Neon Rain                                                                          Burke, James Lee

The Union Quilters (an Elm Creek novel)                                  Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Lightkeeper's Daughter                                                     Coble, Colleen

Deep Black                                                                                Coonts Stephen

The Scarpetta Factor (CD)                                                        Cornwell, Patricia

The Jungle                                                                                Cussler, Clive

Silent Mercy                                                                              Fairstein, Linda

Now You See Her                                                                      Fielding, Joy

Love You More                                                                          Gardner, Lisa

U is for Undertow   (CD)                                                            Grafton, Sue

Fadeaway Girl                                                                           Grimes, Martha

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer  (CD)                                            Grisham, John

Long, last, happy (Collection of short stories)                          Hannah, Barry

The Red Garden                                                                        Hoffman, Alice

Fatal Error                                                                                 Jance, J.A.

The Girl in the Gatehouse                                                         Klassen, Julie

Hannah's List                                                                            Macomber, Debbie

Country Brides                                                                          Macomber, Debbie

1022 Evergreen Place                                                               Macomber, Debbie

A Lion Among Men (CD)                                                            Maguire, Gregory

Blown Away: A Curl Up and Dye Mystery                                  Mehl, Nancy

Missing Mabel: A Curl Up and Dye Mystery                               Mehl, Nancy

Betrayal                                                                                    Michaels, Fern

When the Thrill is Gone                                                             Mosley, Walter

The Jesus Chronicles: Matthew's Story                                     Lahaye, Tim

Tick Tock                                                                                   Patterson, James

Heartwood                                                                                Plain, Belva

Rules of Betrayal (CD)                                                              Reich, Christopher

Treachery in Death                                                                   Robb, J.D.

A Stranger's Wish                                                                     Roper, Gayle

A Secret Identity                                                                       Roper, Gayle

A Rose Revealed                                                                       Roper, Gayle

Courting Miss Amsel                                                                 Sawyer, Kim Vogel

Tucson Temptress                                                                    Sharpe, Jon

Rembrandt Affair (cD)                                                               Silva, Daniel

Miss Me When I'm Gone                                                           Stephens, Phillip

Plain Perfect                                                                             Wiseman, Beth


TITLE                                                                                        AUTHOR

Resumes for Dummies                                                           Kennedy, Loyce Lain

The Pocket Guide to Games                                                  King, Bart

Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook                                          Landolphi, Robert

Colonel Roosevelt                                                                 Morris, Edumund

Damn You Scarlett O'Hara

      Private Lives of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Oliver           Porter, Darwin


TITLE                                                                                        AUTHOR

Easter Surprise                                                                     Ackelsberg, Amy

I'm a Turkey                                                                          Arnosky, Jim

Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox                           Blackaby, Susan

Home for a Bunny                                                                 Brown, Margaret

Arthur Turns Green                                                               Brown, Marc

Clue in the Castle Tower                                                      Buckey, Sarah Master

That's What Leprechauns Do                                               Bunting, Eve

The Adventures of Mark Twain by Huckelberry Finn             Burleigh, Robert

A Little Princess                                                                    Burnett, Francis

Fairly Fairy Tales                                                                   Codell, Esme Raji

Maisy Goes Swimming                                                          Cousins, Lucy

Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George!                              DiAngelo, N.

The Sunset Gates                                                                 Duey, Kathleen

Moon Rope: A Peruvian Folktale                                           Ehlert, Lois

Marley Springs Ahead                                                           Grogan, John

The Crows of Pearblossom                                                   Huxley, Aldous

Easter Bunny's Basket                                                          Karr, Lily

Don't Be Such a Turkey!                                                       Krulik, Nancy E.

Best in Show                                                                        LeFrak, Karen

Mr. Rabbit's Wish                                                                 Monroe, Colleen

The Jellybeans and the Big Camp                                        Numeroff, Laura

Goldie and the Three Hares                                                 Palatini, Margie

The Gift                                                                                Patterson, James

Easter Surprise                                                                   Priddy, Roger

The Silver Guitar (a Julie mystery)                                       Reiss, Kathryn

Bundle of Trouble (a Rebecca mystery)                               Reiss, Kathryn

Valentine Mice!                                                                    Roberts, Bethany

Flip, Flap, Fly!                                                                      Root, Phyllis

I Must Have Bobo!                                                              Rosenthal, Eileen

Mr. Duck Means Business                                                    Sauer, Tammi

If You're Hoppy                                                                   Sayre, April Pulley

Tallulah's Tutu                                                                     Singer, Marilyn

Olivia Cooks Up a Surprise                                                  Sollinger, Emily

Take a Trip with Trucktown!                                                Spelvin, Justin

Secret Sparkling Valentine                                                  Spurr, Elizabeth

The House in the Night                                                        Swanson, Susan

The Story of the Leprechaun                                               Tegen, Katherine

Duck at the Door                                                                 Urbanovic, Jackie

St. Patrick's Day Countdown                                               Yoon, Salina


TITLE                                                                                        AUTHOR

Discovery Channel Night Sky                                              Barchfield, Richard

Colors                                                                                 Blake, Michel

Swords: An Artist's Devotion                                              Boos, Ben

Star Factories: The Birth of Stars                                        Jayawardhana, Ray

Awesome Entertainment Records                                       Kallen, Stuart

The Big Book of Spy Stuff                                                    King, Bart

Fish                                                                                     Klingel, Cynthia

Christmas Activities                                                             Milbourne, Anna

Signals from Space: the Chandra X-Ray                              Naeye, Robert

Space Objects: Comets, Asteroids and Meteors                 Parker, Steve

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Garden Book         Rushing, Felder

The Big Book of Pirates                                                       Tessaro, Chuck