Hillsboro Public Library

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The following books were added to the library shelves in March.


Title                                                                                        Author

Spy  (CD)                                                                        Bell, Ted

A Cousin's Challenge                                                      Brunstetter, Wanda E.

The Pallbearers (CD)                                                      Cannell, Stephen

Caught                                                                           Coben, Harlan

Silent Sea                                                                       Cussler, Clive

Fatally Flaky (CD)                                                            Davidson, Diane Mott

Days of Gold (LP)                                                            Deveraux, Jude

Hellgate                                                                          Fairstein, Linda

The Wild Zone                                                                 Fielding, Joy

Apple Turnover Murder                                                    Fluke, Joann

Take Three                                                                      Kingsbury, Karen

The Mask  (CD)                                                                Koontz, Dean

Big Shot: Inside the Doomsday Machine                         Lewis, Michael

American Adulterer                                                          Mercurio, Jed

Exclusive                                                                         Michaels, Fern

Known to Evil                                                                  Mosley, Walter

Split Image                                                                      Parker, Robert B.

Sheen on the Silk                                                            Perry, Anne

Rachel's Garden                                                              Perry, Martha

House Rules                                                                    Picoult, Jodi

King Dork (CD)                                                                Portman, Frank

Rules of Vengeance                                                        Reich, Christopher

Shattered                                                                       Robards, Karen

Fantasy in Death                                                            Robb, J.D.

Big Guns in Alaska                                                          Rogers, Will

Big Girl (reg., LP and CD)                                                Steel, Danielle

Once a Spy (bbok & CD)                                                 Thomson, Keith

Hush                                                                               White, Kate

Deep Shadow                                                                 White, Randy Wayne


Title                                                                                          Author

Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland                           Biggers, Jeff

Delay, Deny, Defend: Why Insurance Companies

       Don't Pay Claims & What You Can Do About It        Feinman, Jay

Letters to Jackie: Condolences

        from a Grieving Nation                                            Fitzpatrick, Ellen

Super-Parenting for ADD                                                 Hallowell, Edward M.       

Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang                                          Handler, Chelsea

They Fought for Each Other                                            Kennedy, Kelly

FDR's Funeral                                                                  Klara, Robert

FDR's Funeral Train                                                         Klara, Robert

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2011 Price Guide       Moran, Mark

Gourmet Game Night                                                      Nims, Cynthia

Low-Cost Start-up Businesses                                       Reid, Gail Margolies

No Apologies: The Case for American Greatness            Romney, Mitt

Organic Manifesto:  How Orgranic Farming Can

      Heal Our Planet                                                         Schlosser, Eric

Mark Twain's Other Woman                                             Trombley, Laura

Tale of Murder, Insanity and the Making of the

         Oxford English Dictionary                                        Winchester, Simon


     Title                                                                                     Author

Girl Who Chased the Moon                                             Allen, Sara Addison

Twisted                                                                           Anderson, Laurie Halse

Speak                                                                             Anderson, Laurie Halse

Wintergirls: You're Not Dead,

           but You're Not Alive                                            Anderson, Laurie Halse

Catalyst                                                                         Anderson, Laurie Halse

Secret Whispers                                                            Andrews, V.C.

Chosen: House of Night                                                Cast, P.C.

Untamed: House of Night                                              Cast, P.C.

Marked: House of Night                                                 Cast, P.C.

Betrayed: House of Night                                              Cast, P.C.

The Van Alen Legacy                                                     Cruz, Melissa De La

City of Angels                                                                Dean, Zoey

The Body Finder                                                            Derting, Kimberly

Llama, Llama Mad at Mama                                           Dewdney, Anna

Llama, Llama Misses Mama                                           Dewdney, Anna

Vamped: Eternity Needs and Entourage                      Diver, Lucienne

Hourglass: An Evernight Novel                                     Gray, Claudia

Rebecca Mystery: Secrets at Camp Nokomis                Greene, Jacqueline

A Kit Mystery:  Missing Grace                                        Jones, Elizabeth

Savvy                                                                            Law, Ingrid

Sealed with a Kiss Abby Hayes                                     Mazer, Anne

How Deep is the Sea?                                                  Milbourne, Anna

The Sky is Every Where                                                Nelson, Jandy

Before I Fall                                                                  Oliver, Lauren

Sucks to be Me: Confessions of Mina Hamilton,

        Teen Vampire, Maybe                                           Pauley, Kimberly

Happy Birthday, Bertie!                                                Pfister, Marcus

Julie Mystery: The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter         Reiss, Kathryn

The Vampire Diaries                                                     Smith, L.J.

Night Runner                                                                Turner, Max

Voices of Dragons                                                        Vaughn, Carrie

Juvenile Non-Fiction

          Title                                                                         Author

Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean                               Taylor, Sarah Stewart