Hillsboro Public Library

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The following is a list of new books added to the library shelves in October.


        TITLE                                                                                       AUTHOR

Playing the Game                                                                      Bradford, Barbara

The Christmas Quilt                                                                   Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Sugar Camp Quilt                                                               Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Lost Quilter                                                                        Chiaverini, Jennifer

Quilter's Legacy                                                                        Chiaverini, Jennifer

Quilter's Apprentice                                                                  Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Master Quilter                                                                    Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Quilter's Kitchen                                                                 Chiaverini, Jennifer

Round Robin                                                                              Chiaverini, Jennifer

A Quilter's Holiday                                                                     Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Aloha Quilt                                                                          Chiaverini, Jennifer

New Year's Quilt                                                                        Chiaverini, Jennifer

Circle of Quilters                                                                        Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Quilter's Homecoming                                                         Chiaverini, Jennifer

The Reversal                                                                             Connelly, Michael

The Valcourt Heiress                                                                 Coulter, Catherine

The Brave                                                                                  Evans, Nicholas

Fall of Giants                                                                              Follett, Ken

Murders on Elderberry Road (LP)                                              Goldenbaum, Sally

Murder on a Starry Night (LP)                                                   Goldenbaum, Sally

Unlocked                                                                                   Kingsbury, Karen

Our Kind of Traitor                                                                     LeCarre, John

Djibouti                                                                                     Leonard, Elmore

Call Me Mrs. Miracle                                                                   Macomber, Debbie

Painted Ladies                                                                          Parker, Robert

You Blink You Die, Don't Blink                                                    Patterson, James

Legacy (LP and regular)                                                            Steel, Danielle

The Waters Rising                                                                     Tepper, Sheri

Chesapeake Shores Christmas                                                 Woods, Sherry

Promise Me                                                                                Evans, Richard Paul


         TITLE                                                                                    AUTHOR

Elm Creek Quilts (patterns)                                                       Chiaverini, Jennifer

Sylvia's Bridal Samplers (Elm Creek Patterns)                           Chiaverini, Jennifer

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love                                  Levin, Larry

Ceasar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Dog                                  Milan, Cesar

Gaga                                                                                          Morgan, Johnny

Tears Into Darkness: The Bataan Death March                         Norman, Michael

American Heroes in Special Operations                                     Oliver, North


      TITLE                                                                                       AUTHOR

And Then Halloween Comes                                                       Brenner, Tom

The Three Little Dassies                                                             Brett, Jan

Ollie's Halloween                                                                        Dunrea, Olivier

Walter the Farting Dog                                                               Katzwinkle, William

Bats at the Library                                                                      Lies, Brian

Big Pumpkin                                                                                Silverman, Erica

Story of Jack O'Lantern                                                              Tegen, Katherine