Hillsboro Public Library

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New Books Added in September

The following books were added to the library shelves in September.


TITLE                                                                                           AUTHOR

And Thereby Hangs a Tale                                                       Archer, Jeffrey

Divine Justice  (CD)                                                                  Baldacci, David

Rainwater (CD)                                                                        Brown, Sandra

Lost Empire                                                                             Cussler, Clive

Wicked Appetite - Unmentionable Series                                 Evanovich, Janet

Freedom                                                                                   Franzen, Johnathon

Three Bedrooms, One Bath and One Very Dead Corpse          James, David

Savagery of the Mountain Man                                                Johnstone, William

Christmas Blizzard (CD)                                                           Keillor, Garrison

The Girl Who Played with Fire                                                  Larsson, Stieg

The Thorn (LP and regular)                                                      Lewis, Beverly

Deja Vu                                                                                    Michaels, Fern

Body Work                                                                               Paretsky, Sara

Safe Haven (LP and regular)                                                    Sparks, Nicholas

Harbor Lights                                                                           Woods, Sherry

The Inn at Eagle Point                                                             Woods, Sherry

Home in Carolina                                                                      Woods, Sherry


TITLE                                                                                           AUTHOR

Toe-Up Socks for Everyone                                                    Johnson, Wendy

With Love and Laughter, John Ritter                                     Yasbeck, Amy

Trave for 50 and Beyond magazine


TITLE                                                                                          AUTHOR

Finding Family                                                                        Bolden, Tonya

Over the Rainbow                                                                 Collins, Judy

A Mop for Pop                                                                        Erickson, Gina

Into the Gauntlet (39 Clues Book #10)                                 Haddix, Margaret