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The following books were added to the library shelves in September.



AC\LP\FIC\ARC 9-2011

Archer, Jeffrey          Only time will tell.
Harry Clifton, having been raised by his uncle who was a shipyard worker, finds the expectations for his life changing after winning a scholarship to a prestigious boys' school, finding out the truth about his father's death, and questioning his lineage.


Box, C. J.          Cold wind: Joe Pickett #11
When Joe Pickett's mother-in-law, Missy, is arrested for her husband's murder, Joe must put his resentment for the woman aside and investigate the case, uncovering shocking secrets that could change Joe's life forever.

AC\MYS\BRA 9-2011

Brandman, Michael            Robert B. Parker's Killing the blues: a Jesse Stone novel
The town of Paradise, Massachusetts, is disrupted by a string of car thefts and a sudden escalation of violence, leaving police chief Jesse Stone to face the toughest case of his career, and as he tries to protect his town he must deal with a mysterious figure from his past who threatens his ability to do his job in Paradise.

AC\FIC\CAM 9/2011

Cameron, W. Bruce          Emory's gift
In 1974, when thirteen-year-old Charlie Hall's mother dies and his father retreats into silent grief, Charlie finds himself drifting, nearly friendless, through a northern Idaho junior high school but when a grizzly bear saves his life, Charlie forms an unusual friendship that changes his life.

AC\FIC\COL 9-2011

Collins, Jackie             Goddess of vengeance
Lucky Santagelo has everything she wants--a high-profile casino and hotel, The Keys, in Vegas, a successful, handsome husband, and two perfect children, but when Armand Jordan, prince of a small but affluent Middle Eastern country, learns Lucky is the only thing standing between him and ownership of The Keys, he vows to destroy her, no matter what it takes.

AC\FIC\CUS 09-2011

Cussler, Clive           The race
Detective Isaac Bell is hired to prevent Josephine Frost's violent husband, Harry, from killing her--after one failed attempt on her life and the successful murder of Josephine's lover--and newspaper publisher Preston Whiteway, who is sponsoring Josephine in his 1910 contest to see one of the world's first aviators cross the United States in less than fifty days.

AC\FIC\DEV 09/2011

Deveraux, Jude       Heartwishes: an Edilean novel
Gemma Ranford struggles to finish her dissertation and works to catalog the documents of one of Edilean's oldest family, the Fraziers, but as she spends more time with the family and develops feelings for the eldest son, Colin, Gemma learns about the Heartwishes Stone, a magical talisman believed to be able to grant wishes to anyone named Frazier, and teams up with Colin to find the stone before it falls into the wrong hands.


Francis, Dick       CROSSFIRE  (Audio book)  In the enjoyable fourth and final collaboration between Francis (1920–2010) and son Felix (after Even Money), the army career of Capt. Thomas Forsyth abruptly ends when an IED in Afghanistan blows off one of his feet, leaving him with a prosthetic replacement. Upon discharge from National Health Service care, Forsyth makes his way home to Lambourn, where he gets a less-than-warm welcome from his mother, Josephine Kauri, a horse trainer. After learning that her stable has had a series of mishaps, Forsyth discovers that Kauri has been sabotaging her own animals in response to a blackmailer's threats to reveal her tax evasion to the authorities. With nothing else to occupy him, he turns detective to identify the extortionist. Though the plot details won't linger as long as those in Dick Francis's best work, like Whip Hand, this is still a suspenseful read. Francis aficionados will hope that Felix chooses to carry on the family tradition on his own.

AC\FIC\ELL 9-2011

Ellis, Mary     A Marriage for Meghan.

 Meghan Yost is 19, bright, and eager to prove to her father, the bishop, that she’s mature enough to teach in the Old Order district. But just when Meghan gains confidence and assurance, a troubled student challenges her authority and a male suitor challenges her patience.  Life and love tensions escalate when a string of crimes threaten the Amish community, and handsome FBI agent Thomas Mast arrives to investigate.  Is there truth behind Meghan’s fear that she’s the cause for disruptions in the serene county? And is there true love behind her mixed feelings for Thomas, the outsider? This is a timeless story of personal quests for hope, love, and enduring faith.

AC\FIC\GRA 9/2011

Gray, Shelley Shepard       The survivor
Twenty-three-year-old cancer survivor Mattie Troyer is ready to reenter the world with hopes for her future, and the only man who has stirred her heart is her best friend Graham Weaver, who has always been there to comfort her, in good times and bad. But her dreams of their friendship becoming something more are threatened when a rumor starts spreading, claiming that Graham is the father of someone else's baby.

AC\AUD-CD\HIA 9-2011

HIAASEN, CARL       SCAT    Hiaasen starts off this story—a hybrid madcap swamp adventure and cast-driven environmental whodunit—with the disappearance of a biology teacher after a fire breaks out during a field trip in the Everglades. The immediate suspect for the fire, at least, is a young miscreant, but friends Nick and Marta figure something else is afoot: it might have something to do with the nefarious oilmen slinking about nearby, as well as the rumor of an endangered panther and her cubs in the swamp.

AC\FIC\HOW 9-2011

Howard, Linda      Prey: a novel
Angie Powell has nursed a simmering rage toward handsome Iraq war vet Dare Callahan since he returned to Montana and opened a rival hunting business that siphoned away Angie's livelihood. When Angie witnesses a murder during one last hunting trip, Dare, who is camping nearby, hears the shot, forcing them together for survival and to confront a growing attraction while being stalked by a cold-blooded killer and a five-hundred-pound bear.


Jenkins, Jerry B.     The betrayal
Detective Boone Drake, having brought down a notorious street gang and old crime syndicate of Chicago, finds out someone within the police department has leaked information about a key witness, and, without knowing whom he can trust, sets out to reveal who the traitor is.

AC\FIC\CD\KIN 9/2011

KINGSOLVER, BARBARA. THE LACUNA        Kingsolver's ambitious new novel, her first in nine years (after the Poisonwood Bible), focuses on Harrison William Shepherd, the product of a divorced American father and a Mexican mother. After getting kicked out of his American military academy, Harrison spends his formative years in Mexico in the 1930s in the household of Diego Rivera; his wife, Frida Kahlo; and their houseguest, Leon Trotsky, who is hiding from Soviet assassins. After Trotsky is assassinated, Harrison returns to the U.S., settling down in Asheville, N.C., where he becomes an author of historical potboilers (e.g., Vassals of Majesty) and is later investigated as a possible subversive.

AC\AUDIO\KNO 9-2011 

KNOX, TOM    GENESIS SECRET, THE        Knox's well-paced debut offers some new wrinkles on the theme of the archeological discovery that will change the course of human history. British reporter Rob Luttrell, who barely survived a suicide bombers attack in Iraq, is hoping to take things easy, but his new assignment, to cover a dig in Turkish Kurdistan, proves anything but routine.

AC\FIC\LAM 9-2011

Lamb, Cathy       The first day of the rest of my life
Life coach Madeline O'Shea has spent years living in fear that her traumatic past would become public, and when someone begins blackmailing her and a reporter uncovers clues to her grandparents' escape from the Holocaust, Madeline realizes it is time to confront her fears, accept who she is, and deal with reality.

AC\FIC\LEW 9-2011

Lewis, Beverly      The mercy
Sisters Hen, who is caring for her injured husband, and Rose, who is given a second chance at love, hope for new beginnings in their Amish community.


Ludlum, Robert       THE BOURNE OBJECTIVE        Facing down mercenaries in Africa, Jason Bourne witnesses the death of an art dealer named Tracy Atherton. Her killing dredges up snatches of Bourne's impaired memory, in particular the murder of a young woman on Bali who entrusted him with a strangely engraved ring­-an artifact of such powerful significance that people have killed to obtain it. Now he's determined to find the ring's owner and purpose. But Bourne never knows what terrible acts he'll discover he committed when he digs into the past.

AC\MYS\PAT 9/2011

Patterson, James      Kill me if you can: a novel
Matthew Bannon, a poor art student in New York City, finds a wealth of diamonds in an abandoned medical bag in Grand Central Terminal, but while he daydreams about the new life he can afford for himself and his girlfriend, Katherine, Matthew realizes he is being hunted by the world's greatest assassin--who, unknowingly, is also being hunted by a rival assassin.

AC\FIC\PAT 9-2011

Patton, Lisa        Yankee doodle Dixie: a novel               Having watched her life turn into a nor’easter, 34-year-old Leelee Satterfield is back home in the South, ready to pick back up where she left off. But that’s a task easier said than done…Leelee’s a single mom, still dreaming of the Vermonter who stole her heart, and accompanied by her three best friends who pepper her with advice, nudging and peach daiquiris, Leelee opens another restaurant and learns she has to prove herself yet again. Filled with heart and humor, women’s fiction fans will delight in this novel.


Peterson, Tracie   Hope rekindled  (Striking a Match series #3)       At long last, Deborah Vandermark is preparing for her own wedding...but the groom suddenly goes absent. Tragedy has befallen Christopher's family in Kansas City, upsetting the doctor's future with Deborah. With five siblings now under his care, can he return to Texas and impose a ready-made family on Deborah?

AC\FIC\PET 9-2011

Peterson, Tracie     To have and to hold
Audrey Cunningham, having moved with her father to Bridal Veil Island, Georgia, with the hope that it would help keep him sober and his faith strong, finds her life endangered when an investor begins building a resort on the secluded island and unexpectedly falls in love with contractor Marshal Graham, who was asked by Audrey's dad to protect her.

AC\MYS\ROB 9-2011

Robb, J. D. New York to Dallas
New York homicide detective Eve Dallas is forced to return home to Dallas, Texas, and face her past after a criminal who she caught years earlier escapes from Rikers and sets out to get revenge on her.

AC\FIC\CD\STE 9-2011

STEEL, DANIELLE      HAPPY BIRTHDAY   In this beguiling new novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of three very different people, each of whom, on the same day, reaches a crucial turning point in life—a rite both bittersweet and full of hope, a time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future.


Turow, Scott    PRESUMED INNOCENT    Scott Turow's novel of betrayal, murder and corruption tells the story of a man who puts everything he loves on trial--including his own life.   

AC\LP\FIC\WIS 9/2011

Wiseman, Beth        Plain promise: a daughters of the promise novel      Young Amish widow, Sadie Fisher, leads a simple life in the quiet countryside of Lancaster County--selling Amish goods to a steady stream of tourists. Though it is a good life, lately she's wondered if it is God's will for her to remain without a husband and a family.


AC\296.7\ALB 9-2011

Albom, Mitch      Have a little faith: a true story.
Author Mitch Albom, having been asked to write a eulogy for an elderly rabbi, begins a relationship with the man in order to get to know him better, and, in the process, also becomes involved with the plight of a local pastor whose church is falling down around him, leading Mitch to better understand the importance of faith.

AC\133.901/3 BUR 09-2011

Burpo, Todd      Heaven is for real : a little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back.
Todd Burpo shares his son Colton's experiences having visions of heaven after a near-fatal illness, describing what Colton saw in heaven and the lessons he has learned about faith and love after listening to Colton's stories of his time with Jesus.

AC\331.7\BOL 9-11

Bolles, Richard Nelson       What color is your parachute?
Offers advice to job hunters and career changers on how to find their dream job, including tips on writing resumes, conducting online job searches, starting a business, making contacts, interviewing, and negotiating salaries.

AC\973.931\CHE 9-11

Cheney, Richard B.       In my time: a personal and political memoir.
Dick Cheney shares memories and experiences from throughout his life, describes his role as a family man, a policymaker, a businessman, and a politician, and discusses his childhood and upbringing, his education, his work during the Ford administration, his congressional years, and related topics.

AC\220.6/1\HAY 9-2011

The Baker illustrated Bible handbook.            One of the keys to enjoying an in-depth and rewarding experience of reading the Bible is recapturing the ancient world--its cultures, customs, and histories. With this innovative guide, readers can enrich their study with fascinating insights into the Bible and the world in which it was written.

AC\796.357\LEW 9-2011

Lewis, Michael  Moneyball: the art of winning an unfair game.
Examines the mathematical strategies by which manager Billy Beane handled the financially strapped Oakland Athletics' 2002 draft and led the baseball team to success despite its lack of high profile players.

616.99/4071 STE 9-2011

Steingraber, Sandra     Living downstream: an ecologist's personal investigation of cancer and the environment
Brings together information from cancer registries and data on environmental contamination in an effort to determine whether there are any patterns that exist between the two.


JC\FIC\ADL 9-2011

Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the wedding cake mystery.
When Cam and her father go to a talent show at the local senior center, Cam's help is needed to find out who stole a wedding cake from the delivery truck.

JC\FIC\ADL 9-2011

Adler, David A. Young Cam Jansen and the speedy car mystery.
Cam Jansen uses her photographic memory at the school Green Fair to solve a mystery involving a missing electric car.

JC\YA\FIC\ADO 9-2011

Adornetto, Alexandra. Hades.
Angel Bethany Church, having been tricked into a motorcycle ride that brought her to Hell, relies on Jake Thorn to save her, but what he asks of her threatens those she loves and what he has her boyfriend Xavier believing about her fate could result in an act of betrayal.

JC\FIC\ASH 9-2011

Asher, Jay    Thirteen reasons why: a novel
High school student Clay Jenkins receives a box in the mail containing seven cassette tapes recorded by his crush, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide, and spends a bewildering and heartbreaking night crisscrossing their town, listening to Hannah's voice recounting the events leading up to her death.


Bently, Peter King Jack and the dragon.
Jack, Zack, and Caspar build a castle fort, then spend a day fighting dragons and beasts, but at day's end giants carry away first Sir Zack, then Caspar, and King Jack is left to face night creatures alone.

JC\FIC\BUC 9-2011

Buckey, Sarah Masters     Marie-Grace and the orphans (An American Girl book)
Marie-Grace Gardner, having found a baby on the doorstep, asks her friend Cécile Rey to help her protect the child from a slave catcher and worries about rumors about a deadly fever in New Orleans.

JC\FIC\BUC 9-2011

Buckey, Sarah Masters       Marie-Grace makes a difference (An American Girl book)
Marie-Grace Gardner, worried about yellow fever in New Orleans, finds out someone she care about is ill and tries to do what she can to help, and fears the epidemic will cause her to lose her home and family.

JC\FIC\BUC 9-2011

Buckey, Sarah Masters       Meet Marie-Grace (An American Girl book)
Marie-Grace Gardner, having arrived in New Orleans and met the talented opera singer Mademoiselle Océana, wishes to take voice lessons and become friends with Cécile Rey, a student of Mademoiselle, and hopes an unexpected adventure will help her feel at home in the city.

JC\FIC\COL 9-2011

Collins, Suzanne   Mockingjay
Katniss Everdeen, having survived the Hunger Games twice, learns she and her family and friends are in danger because the Capitol holds her responsible for the unrest and races against time to protect those she cares about and the people of District 12.

JC\741.5\DAV 9-11

Davis, Jim    Garfield: lard of the jungle
A new collection of the antics of Garfield the cat, Odie the dog, and their hapless owner Jon.

JC\FIC\FOX 9-2011

Foxworthy, Jeff   Dirt on my shirt
Comedian Jeff Foxworthy presents more than thirty illustrated poems for children on such topics as friends, bugs, family members, and pretending.


Greene, Stephanie  Princess Posey and the next-door dog
Holding her princess wand, six-year-old Posey finds the courage to visit the large dog next door.

JC\FIC\GUN 9-2011

Gunn, Robin Jones    Closer than ever
Celebrating her impending graduation and awaiting Paul's arrival from Scotland, Sierra wonders if God is testing her faith when she hears that Paul's plane may have crashed.


Harvey, Alex       Olivia becomes a vet
Olivia decides she would like to become a vet when she grows up after helping Julian take care of his sick pet lizard.

JC\FIC\STU 9-2011

Stubbs, Tommy     Danger at the Dieselworks
When the Diesels trick Percy and try to hold Thomas prisoner at Dieselworks, Percy races to find help before it is too late.

JC\FIC\KLI 9-2011

Kline, Suzy      Horrible Harry goes cuckoo
While Harry's third-grade class is studying birds, the cold winter weather keeps them cooped up inside during recess and Harry gets restless.

JC\FIC\KOR 9-2011

Korman, Gordon    The Medusa plot
Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, thought the search for the thirty-nine clues leading to the source of their family's power was over, but when Cahills are kidnapped by the Vespers, Amy and Dan find themselves with only a few day to fulfill a bizarre ransom request before their friends start dying.

JC\FIC\MAC 9-2011

MacCullough, Carolyn     Always a witch
Tamsin, haunted by her grandmother's prophecy that she will soon be forced to make a crucial decision, learns the truth of that prediction when she follows her enemy, Alistair Knight, back in time to Victorian-era New York where he has traveled on a mission to destroy her family.

JC\FIC\OSB 9-2011

Osborne, Mary Pope       Dogs in the dead of night
Jack and Annie travel to a monastery in the Swiss Alps where, with the help of St. Bernard dogs and magic, they seek the second of four special objects necessary to break the spell on the wizard Merlin's beloved penguin, Penny.

JC\FIC\PAT 9-2011

Patrick, Denise Lewis       Cécile's gift (An American Girl book)
Cécile Rey, spending the summer volunteering with her friend Marie-Grace Gardner at a nearby orphanage, forms a special bond with a young girl named Perrine and decides to try and raise money for the children by helping in a huge benefit.

JC\FIC\PAT 9-2011

Patrick, Denise Lewis          Meet Cécile (An American Girl book)
Cécile Rey looks forward to having a one-of-a-kind costume at Mardi Gras and her brother's return from France, while forming a friendship and having a daring adventure with Marie-Grace Gardner.

JC\FIC\PAT 9-2011

Patrick, Denise Lewis      Troubles for Cécile (An American Girl book)
Cécile Rey plans to spend her summer working with her friend Marie-Grace Gardner at a nearby orphanage and enjoying time with her brother who recently returned from France, but, after yellow fever begins to spread in New Orleans, she worries she will not have the strength to help her family when they need her most.


Rosen, Michael J.          Night of the pumpkinheads
Determined to make Halloween a frightening night of the pumpkinheads, the pumpkins transform themselves into a variety of scary monsters and then head for town hoping to terrify everyone they meet.