Hillsboro Public Library

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The following books were added to the library shelves in May and June


TITLE                                                                                                AUTHOR

The Soldier's Homecoming (LP)                                               Alward, Donna

Fixer Upper                                                                             Andrews, Mary Kay

Executive Intent                                                                     Brown Dale

The Witness (Book & CD)                                                       Brown, Sandra

Chocolate Snowman Murders                                                Carl, Joanna

Whiplash                                                                               Coulter, Catherine

The Passage                                                                         Cronin, Justin

The Spy                                                                                 Cussler, Clive

The Burning Wire                                                                   Deaver, Jeffery

The Lion                                                                                 Demille, Nelson

Sizzling Sixteen (Book & CD)                                                  Evanovich, Janet

A Sense of Belonging (LP)                                                      Fowler, Terry

The Heart of Grace (LP)                                                          Goodnight, Linda

The Beach House                                                                   Green, Jane

Reckless                                                                                 Gross, Andrew

Take Four                                                                               Kingsbury, Karen

Frankenstein Lost Souls                                                         Koontz, Dean

Perfect Someone                                                                    Lindsey, Johanna

Death Echo                                                                             Lowell, Elizabeth

The Bourne Objective                                                             Ludlum, Robert

Supreme Justice                                                                     Margolin, Phillip

Cross Roads                                                                           Michaels, Fern

The Disappointed Diva (LP)                                                    Minshull, Evelyn

Known to Evil (CD)                                                                 Mosley, Walter

Blue-Eyed Devil                                                                      Parker, Robert

Refining Emma (LP)                                                                Parr, Delia

The 9th Judgement (book & CD)                                            Patterson, James

Storm Prey                                                                             Sanford, John

Family Ties (Book & CD)                                                         Steel Danielle

Innocent                                                                                Turrow, Scott


TITLE                                                                                                  AUTHOR

Quick and Easy Meals                                                           American Heart Assoc

Spoken from the Heart                                                         Bush, Laura

Lincoln in Illinois                                                                   Hart, Richard E.

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability                              Morton, David A.

Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became

        Gentleman Farmers                                                     Purcell-Kilmer, Josh

Uncharted Territori                                                              Spelling, Tori


TITLE                                                                                        AUTHOR

The Postcard                                                                         Abbott, Tony

Star Wars--Fate of the Jedi: Backlash                                  Allston, Aaron

The Convalescent                                                                Anthony, Jessica

The Carrie Diaries                                                                Bushnell, Candace

The Morganville Vampires                                                    Caine, Rachel

Hardy Boys                                                                           Dixon, Franklin W.

     The Children of the Lost

     Deprivation House

     Double Trouble

     Boardwalk Bust

     Extreme Danger

     Comic Con Artist

     Chaos at 30,000 Feet


     Galaxy X

     The Deadliest Stunt (graphic novel)

The Ranger's Apprentice                                                      Flanagan, John

     The Ruins of Gorlan (Book 1)

     The Burning Bridge (Book 2)

     The Icebound Land (Book 3)

     The Battle for Skandia  (Book 4)       

     The Siege of Macindaw (Book 6)               

     Erak's Ransom (Book 7)

     The Kings of Clonmel  (Book 8)

Blood Ninja                                                                           Lake, Nick

Radiant Shadows                                                                 Marr, Melissa

Vampire Academies (signature edition)                                Mead, Richelle

Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City                                        Miller, Kristin

Daniel X: Watch the Skies                                                     Patterson, James

The Daughters                                                                      Philbin, Joanna

The Vampire Diaries                                                              Smith, L.J.


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